#PASS2020 | Date pending to be confirmed

The European Cybersecurity Hub

The Panda Security Summit is a conference on advanced cybersecurity, intended to be the European meeting point for all IT professionals.

The 2020 edition will examine the 5 cybersecurity challenges that every company has to deal with nowadays.

Join leading cybersecurity practitioners to discover the most cutting-edge and effective ideas, breakthroughs, insights and tips that will help boost cybersecurity in your company.

Highlights from 2019 edition


The Agenda

The 2020 edition will try to shine a light on the 5 most relevant challenges in cybersecurity at the moment.

Together with analysts, SOCs, clients and service providers, we will analyze security strategies and cybersecurity trends.

The 2020 edition will have 6 conferences, 4 workshops, and over 1000 attendees from all over the world. An unmissable event for all IT security professionals.

During all the conferences, a simultaneous translation service will be available.

09.00 Doors open and Welcome coffee

10.45 Challenge #1 The Threat

Evolution, sophistication and volume of current threats

We’ll analyze how attacks and techniques have evolved, and will try to shed light on how to deal with the demands that the current levels of sophistication and attack volume suppose.

We will also demonstrate how to validate everything that happens on the endpoint, and how the laboratory sees all this activity on a daily basis.

11.30 Challenge #2 Legislation

Public-private collaboration

We’ll discover how public administrations present the control, assistance, assessment and protection scenario for companies and users, within a framework of public-private cooperation that reinforces and strengthens their strategies.

12.15 Coffee break

13.00 Challenge #3 Prevention

When we assume that 100% doesn’t exist

We’ll analyze protection, detection and response strategies, uncovering what each of them brings to a mature defense strategy for companies.

13.30 Challenge #4 Staff

Lack of cybersecurity experts

We’ll tackle the aspects that lead to a lack of qualified professionals in the sector, and how to deal with it using strategies and tools that allow us to scale and standardize processes.

14.00 Challenge #5 Incident Response

Cooperation between SOCs and incident responders

We’ll reveal the keys to reducing detection and response times. And we’ll also study a case where detection and response was inefficient, compared to detection, containment, response and investigation to reduce the surface.

14.30 30 Year Anniversary Celebration

Don’t miss the surprises that we’ve prepared to celebrate our three decades of innovation, technology, challenges and evolution.

15.00 Networking cocktail and Workshops

30 Year Anniversary

In 2020 Panda Security will celebrate its 30th anniversary!

30 years full of innovation, technology, challenges and evolution. A very special milestone for a European company in the technology field, and especially so in the cybersecurity sector.

Three decades of protection in which we walked together with our customers and partners with advanced solutions, managed services, innovative vision, and ingenious people.